Artisan-crafted in Spain, designed in Italy

Stylish, comfortable, eco-friendly shoes styled in Italy and lovingly made in Spain.

Spain, with its deep-rooted heritage of fine craftsmanship, has forever been a leader in the shoe manufacturing business. Traditional know-how, inventiveness, and dedication are what make Made in Spain footwear exceptional, and unique. Our shoes come to life in Almoradí, located in the province of Alicante. This area is among the world’s most renowned, celebrated, and thriving havens of footwear design and manufacturing.


We pride ourselves in pursuing modernity by creating footwear that is in harmony with nature while honoring the traditions of our ancestors. They led the way, crafting exquisite, flawless shoes; today, our highly-skilled artisans follow in their footsteps, leaving no stone unturned to make stylish, snug footwear that meets the needs of customers who face increasingly exacting lifestyles. Attention to the minutest details and meticulous manufacturing, along with our careful selection of materials, allow us to offer a wide range of superbly made, exceptionally comfortable, and alluring shoes ideal for your day-to-day life. 

Designed in Italy

Mandel shoes are crafted in Spain, but their soul, the creative core that lies within every single pair’s unique style, is 100% Made in Italy. Ever since the 11th century, Italian design has been synonymous with panache, and to this day leads the way in fashion trends worldwide. All our summer and winter footwear is ideated by virtuoso Italian shoe designers, and this is what gives our shoes and sandals that special flair. Take our sandals, for instance: albeit originally intended as leisure wear, they’re so cool and classy that you can easily pair them with both informal and sophisticated city attire!

In harmony with nature

Safeguarding the health of the environment and cultural ecosystem we live in is of paramount importance. We promote a more sustainable, forward-looking approach to shoe manufacturing and use top-quality renewable raw materials to make shoes that help keep your feet healthy. Mandel footwear is environment-friendly, scrupulously designed, and crafted with passion.