About us


Your feet are the foundation of your body. They support you and allow you to explore this beautiful world. 

Feet are wonderful and irreplaceable, just like our planet. The least we can do is nurture them, and that’s exactly what we do: make lovely shoes that are good for your feet and the environment.

Our vision

At Mandel, we know that the strength and fitness of your feet are vital for your overall well-being and that the health of the natural and cultural environment we live in is essential for our mental and physical wellness. Shoe manufacturing is our job, our passion, and the means by which we endeavor to have a lasting positive effect.

We choose to foster a more sustainable fashion future by using select sustainable materials, such as cork, jute, and rPET, and valuing the people who are key to our business. 

Conscious that comfortable, high-quality shoes improve posture and the health of joints and muscles, and that beauty too is important, we go the extra mile to ideate exquisite styles that meet the needs of your feet.

Our mission

Making functional, impeccably crafted, attractive shoes that provide unmatched comfort while reducing our ecological footprint is our vocation and our mission. Respecting the anatomy of your feet, favoring manufacturing processes that safeguard the environment and the happiness of the women and men who design, cut, sew, and assemble our shoes, and hand-picking handsome, top-quality, nontoxic materials from renewable sources are simply different sides of the same coin.

The expertise, commitment, and highly-polished skills of our artisans allow us to provide our customers with thoughtfully designed and lovingly crafted eco-friendly footwear that is beautiful to look at. 


Mandel aims to contribute to a better, safer, healthier future by creating shoes that are a perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. 

Our shoes are in harmony with nature and help you lengthen your stride.