How to take care of your shoes

Mandèl shoes and sandals are durable and long-lasting. Cleaning and caring for them properly helps keep them in good condition and preserve their appearance.

Here are a few, easy, care tips on cleaning and caring for your Mandèl shoes and sandals. 

What you need to clean your shoes

All you’ll need are a few, simple household items: an old toothbrush, a soft lint-free cloth, two regular shoe brushes (one for the upper part of the shoes and footbeds, one for the soles), and water. If your shoes are suede, you will also need a suede brush: keep in mind that using it regularly avoids dirt accumulation (which means you won’t have to clean your shoes thoroughly very often!).

Step-by-step guide 

Step 1 - Remove dust and dirt using a shoe brush for nubuck leather or suede shoes, or a dampened soft lint-free cloth for leather. 

Step 2 - Clean the soles using a shoe brush and water. 

Step 3 - Use the old toothbrush and water to clean the footbed, inside the shoe, and/or inside of the sandal straps. 

Step 4 - Allow your shoes to dry completely, in an airy spot, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or direct heat (such as a radiator or fireplace).

Preserving your shoes

The materials our shoes are made of, including tanned leather, cork, jute, latex, and EVA, are resistant to heat and water but can be damaged if exposed to excessive heat or saturated with water. We recommend keeping your shoes away from campfires, fireplaces, and very hot radiators, and not leaving them in direct sunlight or in a hot, closed car, for a long time. If your shoes should get thoroughly wet, make sure you allow them to dry properly away from direct heat.